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Circle City Club Volleyball Program

Our club program consists of 3 practices a week ranging from 5:30pm to 10pm during the week. Sunday practices can be as early as noon and will also go in two hour increments. We expect all of our coaches to commit to using this time to help your daughter improve by emphasizing individual skills first and then building toward team skills. Each of our teams will play about two tournaments a month, which will result in 40-60 matches a year.

Other benefits from being included in the Circle City program are full access to recruiting aides, top level uniform and apparel provided by Nike (minimum 2 jerseys, spandex, kneepads, warm-ups and athletic bag), and the USAV Membership and Insurance. Hopefully, with the commitment of great players and coaches, we will continue to build an environment of fairness, improvement, and fun!

Coaching Method

For the first portion of practices, players will work on individual skills. Our players may be grouped by position to work in more of a controlled environment. We are geared to ensure that each player is being taught the correct technique while also making sure that the Circle City ideals and principles are being emphasized by each and every coach in our program. Practices will then focus on team concepts and game scenarios. For our National teams, when possible Sunday practices will be extended to 2.5 hours. During this additional time, we will focus on individual skills and/or positional training.

Definition of Teams

National Teams

(181-3, 171-3, 161-4, 151-4, 141-4, 131-3, 121-3, 111-2)

  • 3 Practices a week
  • Full uniform package
  • Access to recruiting aides
  • Free admission to tournaments held at Capitol Sports Center and Armstrong Pavilion
  • At least 1-2 travel tournaments


Tournament Schedule

Circle City works very hard with each team’s players and parents in order to make an affordable and appropriate schedule for their team. While other clubs try to limit their schedules to either JVA or USAV events, we will do what is best for each individual team. The majority of the tournaments that our teams participate in are within a reasonable driving distance. Other clubs claim that we are more expensive because we participate in USA Volleyball, but that is incorrect. While we do support USA Volleyball and the US National Teams by registering our teams with USA Volleyball, we work hard at running tournaments almost every week and this helps us keep our fees significantly lower at all levels than any of the other major clubs in the area. We also have comparable or fewer hotel room nights per player and our teams do not travel any more or any farther than those clubs. If you would like a detailed cost comparison between our club and any other, we will gladly provide it.

While working to make sure our tournament schedules are appropriate, affordable, and travel reasonable, Circle City also works to play the most competitive schedule of any club in Indiana. We are fortunate to have the Mideast Qualifier and Central Zone Series in our backyard allowing our teams to play other clubs from all across the country.

Club Fees and Payment Options

Circle City offers 3 payment plan options for paying for club fees. Each plan is detailed below. During online registration, parents will be asked to select a plan  of their choice. Additional expenses not included in the club fees will be billed separately to each player's FreshBooks account. See below for additional fees outside of club fees.

Family Discount

We offer a 10% discount on the club dues for the youngest sibling. *Please note this applies to the girls and boys program separately. You must have two girls registered or two boys registered.

What is NOT included in the club fees

Tournament Entry Fees: These are charged on a pro-rata basis according to the cost of the events a player’s team attends. Players who miss an event that their team attends will still be responsible for their share of the entry fee. These will be invoiced in December and are due January 20th. Participants must remember that going to a major end of the season event such as the USAV Junior Nationals or AAUs will add a substantial charge all at once at the end of the season as this will not be finalized in December. For large, multi-day events, Circle City Volleyball Club may also pre-bill participants for the estimated expenses. Those not covering their expenses may not be allowed to participate in the event. See estimated costs below.

Tournament Expenses: Costs for lodging, if attending a tournament requiring overnight travel, are billed as required. The coach’s travel and hotel expenses are in addition to team fees.

Transportation: Travel to tournaments is not covered.

Fee is estimated using tournament fees from previous year.