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18 & Unders Club Season

By CCVBC, 09/13/17, 12:45PM EDT


18 & Unders Club Season

With the high school seasons quickly approaching, we wanted to let everyone know our plans for the 2018 club season, specifically for the 18s. This club season, all 3 18s teams will end their seasons at AAU’s in Orlando, FL. Each team will participate in MEQ (March 23rd-25th), as well as one or two additional qualifiers (within close proximity) based on the individual team’s preferences. If a team qualifies for 18s Nationals in Anaheim, CA, they will attend USAV Nationals and end their season at AAU’s in Orlando. If a team does not qualify for USAV, they will still end their season at AAU’s in Orlando.

Since the 18s format was changed 2 years ago, we have let the teams decide what they want to do. However, this has created issues amongst the teams for the players, parents, and coaches. Our goal at Circle City is to help prepare our players for their upcoming high school seasons or their first college season as freshman. We feel that it is best for graduating seniors to complete the full club season to be best prepared for their future programs. Taking months off before college preseason does not help prepare the athletes for their college programs. We want our players to want to get better and work hard for the full duration of the season. We will help by keeping travel to a minimum during the club season to help keep overall costs down. 

Best of luck to everyone in the upcoming school season. We look forward to watching you play! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we would love to hear them. Feel free to contact Lance Keating at